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Ante-Nicene Christian Library - Index Page

This an index page for the “Ante-Nicene Christian Library” series, with Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson, editors. This was later - in effect - replaced by the "Ante-Nicene Fathers" series, which I have index here (link to ANF). This could be considered another of the lesser patrologies, dwarfed by Schaff, but mentioned by him in his introduction (link). The Google and Archive versions offer different features. For downloading, though, the Archive versions are generally superior.

1. The Apostolic Fathers. Translated by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and F. Crombie. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

2. The Writings of Justin Martyr and Athenagoras. Translated by Marcus Dods, George Reith, and B.P. Pratten. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

3. The Writings of Tatian and Theophilus and The Clementine Recognitions. Translated by B.P. Pratten, Marcus Dods, and Thomas Smith. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Google 4)(Archive)

4. The Writings of Clement of Alexandria (Vol. 1). Translated by William Wilson. (Google)(Archive)

5. The Writings of Irenaeus (Vol. 1). Translated by Alexandre Roberts and W.H. Rambaut. (Google does not appear to have this volume yet.)(Archive)

6. Hippolytus (Vol. 1) The Refutation of All Heresies (translated by J.H. MacMahon) and Fragments from His Commentaries on Various Books of Scripture (translated by S.D.F. Salmond). (Google)(Archive)

7. Tertullian Against Marcion. Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

8. The Writings of Cyprian (Vol. 1). Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

9. The Writings of Irenaeus (Vol. 2), the Writings of Hippolytus (Vol. 2), and Fragments of the Third Century. Translated by ???. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

10. The Writings of Origen (Vol. 1). Translated by Frederick Crombie. (Google does not appear to have this volume yet.)(Archive)

11. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 1). Translated by Peter Holmes and S. Thelwall. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

12. The Writings of Clement of Alexandria (Vol. 2). Translated by William Wilson. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

13. The Writings of Cyprian (Vol. 2) together with The Writings of Novatian, Minucius Felix, etc. Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. (Google)(Archive)

14. The Writings of Methodius, Alexander of Lycopolis, Peter of Alexandria, and Several Fragments. Translated by (in order in the tome) William R. Clark (to p. 230), James B.H. Hawkins (to p. 363), B.L. Pratten (to p. 395), and S.D. Salmond (remainder). (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

15. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 2). Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

16. Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations. Translated by Alexander Walker. (Google)(Archive)

17. The Clementine Homilies and The Apostolic Constitutions. Homilies translated by Thomas Smith (Books 1-4), Peter Peterson (Books 6-12), James Donaldson (Books 13-20), and the Apostolic Constitutions apparently translated by James Donaldson. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

18. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 3) with the Extant Works of Victorinus and Commodianus. Translated by S. Thelwall (Tertullian), Robert Ernest Wallis (Victorinus and Commodianus). (Google)(Archive)

19. The Seven Books of Arnobius Adversus Gentes. Translated by Hamilton Bryce and Hugh Campbell. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

20. The Writings of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius of Alexandria, and Archelaus. Translated by S.D.F. Salmond (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

21. The Works of Lactantius (vol. 1). Translated by William Fletcher. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

22. The Works of Lactantius (vol. 2) together with The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs and Fragments of the Second and Third Centuries. Translated by William Fletcher. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

23. The Writings of Origen (vol. 2) Orgien contra Celsum (books 2-8). Translated by Frederick Crombie. (Google)(Archive)

24. Early Liturgies and Other Documents. Translated by William MacDonald, George Ross Merry, and Robert Donaldson. (Google)(Archive)



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