Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Verses - Part 30

This is the conclusion post to the series on thanksgiving in Scripture. It may be possible to add a few more passages where thanksgiving is implied rather than stated. However, I think that this series should provide the reader with a very thorough overview of the treatment of thanksgiving in Scripture. The key is this: thank God in Psalm and prayer regularly. Thank God for your food before eating. Thank God especially for your salvation and the salvation of your Christian brethren. Integrate thanksgiving into all your prayers, so that you can thank unceasingly, as the Scriptures command.

Part 1 - Institution of Thank Offering
Part 2 - Joab Thanks David for David's Grace to Him
Part 3 - David's Thanksgiving Song for Deliverance from Saul - Prose and Poetry Versions
Part 4 - David's Thanksgiving Song for the Return of the Ark - Prose and Poetry Versions
Part 5 - Levites' Duty to Thank God Twice Daily in Song
Part 6 - Specialization Among the Levites - Special Thanksgiving Group
Part 7 - David Giving Thanks At Solomon's Coronation
Part 8 - Thanks at Ark Entering Solomon's Temple
Part 9 - Thanks at the Re-Opening of the Temple under Hezekiah
Part 10 - Thanks at the Opening of the Ezra/Nehemiah Temple
Part 11 - Continued Specialization in the Giving of Thanks Among the Levites
Part 12 - Psalms of Thanksgiving (other than those previously mentioned)
Part 13 - Psalms that Mention Thanksgiving
Part 14 - God Calls People to Joy and Thanksgiving in Isaiah
Part 15 - Jeremiah Prophesies Thanksgiving
Part 16 - Daniel Giving Examples of Thanksgiving
Part 17 - Thanksgiving in the Minor Prophets
Part 18 - Jesus Thanking the Father for Concealing from Wise and Showing to Babes
Part 19 - Jesus and Paul Thanking God for Food
Part 20 - Other People Giving Thanks in the Gospels
Part 21 - Thanks Not Given for Simply Doing Duty
Part 22 - Thanks at the Resurrection of Lazarus
Part 23 - Examples of Thanks in Acts (other than what has already been mentioned)
Part 24 - Paul Giving Thanks
Part 25 - The Unthankfulness of the Ungodly
Part 26 - Paul's Commands to Give Thanks
Part 27 - Remaining Mentions of Thanks and Thanksgiving in Paul's Epistles
Part 28 - Thanks in the Catholic Epistles
Part 29 - Thanks in Revelation

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