Sunday, November 19, 2006

Debates Index Page

Debates I've Finished

1. Regulative Principle of Worship Debate (with Centuri0n)
2. Sola Scriptura vs. Eastern Orthodoxy (with "Orthodox")
3. Holy Water Debate (with PhatCatholic)

Debates I'm Currently Engaged In

1. Monergism vs. Synergism (with Matt Chapman) (this has been on a long hiatus, we're looking for a substitute for Matt's side)
2. Limited Atonement vs. Multiple Intentions Atonement (with Seth McBee) (this seems to be be on hiatus)

Debates in the Works

1. Romans 9 Exegesis Debate (with Godismyjudge)
2. Tradition-related Debate(s) (with Paul Hoffer - various tradition-related topics in various stages of negotiation)

Debates that Fell Through
1. Is Catholicism Properly Defined as Christian (with Dave Armstrong) - Dave Armstrong explicitly refused to debate (after initially challenging) on December 8, 2007. Dave also admitted that he never had any intention to debate, stating: "The point I was trying to make (precisely that no one would take up my challenge and "prove" what a clueless idiot I supposedly am) was amply proven." (source)