Friday, January 03, 2014

iTBN Contributions - Ergun Caner

For a full list of iTBN appearances, see the following link (Link). Apparently, Dr. Ergun Caner was a guest on a series of episodes of "The King is Coming," with Dr. Ed Hindson, and also on a previous show hosted by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. The most disappointing comments are from that last show, but I've posted a short synopsis, below.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Buffalo Creek Baptist Church - Easter 2013

Apparently, on Easter 2013, Ergun Caner spoke at the Buffalo Creek Baptist Church (link to mp3). It was interesting to hear the testimonial parts of his message:

(all times are approximate)

(1:10) "To be very honest, again - for those who are visitors, I am Turkish, born in Sweden, raised as a Muslim, Christian. Born-again, blood-bought, believer in Jesus Christ. And having come from Islam to Christianity, you can imagine the trips to Israel are unique."

(2:10) "I didn't get saved until later in life. I was in high school, getting ready to go into college: devout, practicing Muslim. Oldest son of three, all three boys are now preachers of the gospel. All three raised as Sunni muslims - all three with a father that built mosques."

(5:30) "And then to participate in the hunt? I'm all about it. Yeah, you're eighteen years old, but it's my first one! I'll kick a grandma through a moving fan, to get an egg."

From what we can tell, Caner was saved around 15 or 16. How that's "later in life" or "eighteen years old," I don't know.

(25:30) "You want to know what kind of PhD I am? I got three masters degrees, and a PhD, and when I went to Criswell College, I had one goal - not a cowboy's game, not a ranger's game, not the dallas crew - I wanted to go to the sportatorium. I wanted to see a Von Erich claw. So, I love my rasslin'."

Technically, I believe he has a D. Theol. The point that he loves his wrestling is taken, however.