Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scott Windsor Index

This is an index post. Accordingly, the date stamp should not be taken as being really representative of the actual time/date that the post was either created or last edited. Scott Windsor is a Roman Catholic apologist who runs, as far as I know, the "American Catholic Truth Society" and CathApol.

Sola Scriptura Discussion (Starring Steve Hays and Featuring Francis Beckwith)

1. (Francis Beckwith) Sola Scriptura and the canon of Scripture: a philosophical reflection

2. (TurretinFan) Beckwith's Bait and Switch

3. (Steve Hays) Is sola Scriptura self-refuting?

4. (Scott Windsor) Is Sola Scriptura self-refuting?

5. (Steve Hays) (a) The supreme judge of all religious controversies & (b) Principles of Sola Scriptura

6. (Scott Windsor) Sola Scriptura Answering Steve Hays

7. (TurretinFan) Response to Scott Windsor (regarding Steve Hays and Sola Scriptura)

8. (Scott Windsor) Response to TurretinFan on Sola Scriptura

9. (TurretinFan) Second Response to Scott Windsor

10. (Steve Hays) Rube Goldberg prooftexting

11. (Scott Windsor) Non-Rube Goldberg Response

12. (Scott Windsor) QA with TurretinFan

(As far as I know, no further response is planned by TurretinFan or Steve Hays.)


steve said...

Thanks, TF!

Rhology said...

And don't miss the (shameless plug) series with him on sola fide over at Beggars All!

Rhology said...

Oh, I guess that series also dealt with why the Roman Magisterium never does anything and private interpretation.

Anonymous said...


is that sentence correct?

"....and private...".

If so, would you type out the same meaning with another sentence different than that one?


Rhology said...


Oh, I guess that series also dealt with why the Roman Magisterium never does anything and also with the topic of private interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I privately yet so openly and publicly interpreted your fallibilities, Rhology!

But, as for the Spirit of Grace and Truth that works the Faith once delivered to the Saints, within you, you do seem to have an infallible knack for repentance being so easily corrected, and not get offended by your fallibilities!

Now, why is that? :)

Rhology said...

I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's Jesus living in me. :-)

Anonymous said...

You don't say? Ah, no, you do say!

geeesh, what is a fallible guy suppose to do? Repent and repent often, as in daily??

Mat 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread,
Mat 6:12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.