Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dr. Ergun Caner's Books

Sometimes Dr. Caner's books are referenced in discussing his qualifications. The following are the books I can find:

Books (other than theses)
  1. Unveiling Islam (2002, with second edition in 2009) (with Emir) - Spanish (2002)
  2. More than a Prophet (2003)(with Emir) - Spanish (2006)
  3. When Worldviews Collide (2005)
  4. The Sacred Trust (2003)(with Emir)
  5. Why Churches Die (2005)(with Mac Brunson)
  6. Holier than Thou (2009)
  7. Out of the Crescent Shadows (2003)(with Emir) (reprint 2008)
  8. Christian Jihad (2004) - Spanish (2005)
  9. The Sacred Desk (2004)(editor)(with Emir)
  10. Hills and Hearts of Gold (1995) (Ergun Michael Caner) (second printing 2006)
Published Theses (apparently with extremely limited distribution)
  1. Expeditio crucis: an examination of the motivation, justification, and implications of the summons to the First Crusade (1096- 1099) (1995)(Appears to be Th.M. thesis publication)
  2. Bellum sacrum: the development of the Holy War of the first crusade in light of Augustine's Just War criteria (2003)(Appears to be Th.D. thesis publication)
Books for which Caner is an Editor
  1. The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (2008) (editor)
  2. Voices Behind the Veil (2004)(editor) - Spanish (2005)
Planned Books
  1. (planned) The Audacious Love of Jesus (2010 - planned)
Contributed to these Books
  1. InnovateChurch (2008)(contributed Chapter 12: "Sheep, Goats, and Wolves: Jude Answers Why We Should Do Apologetics in the Church" - about 14 pages)
  2. Why I am a Christian (2006)(contributed Chapter 14: "Why I am no Longer a Muslim" - about 18 pages)
  3. The Last Sermon I Would Preach If Jesus Were Coming Tomorrow (2007)(apparently contributed one sermon, approximately 10-15 pages)
  4. (planned) The Baker Dictionary of Cults (2010 - planned)(apparently several articles on various world religions)
As I find any additional books, I will add them to this list, assuming they can be documented.



Anonymous said...

"The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics" together with Dr. Ed Hindson: http://www.amazon.com/Popular-Encyclopedia-Apologetics-Surveying-Christianity/dp/0736920846

Turretinfan said...

That's already there, unless there are two books by that name.

Cheryl Schatz said...

There is a typo in #4 should be Mac instead of Marc.

Turretinfan said...

Thanks for the correction!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I understand from Mac Brunson's public comments that he and Ergun Caner are working on a 2nd edition of the "Why Churches Die" book.

Perhaps the two of them can speak better from experience now.