Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ergun Caner - Values Voter Summit 2010

Ergun Caner spoke at the Values Voters Summit again this year (see discussion and link to video here).

Here are some interesting comments from Dr. Caner:

(2:29) She [referring to his wife] has trained me, and taught me, and raised me. She taught me "high cotton." So if you can understand what I'm saying it's because of her.

(17:09) I lost my family, I lost my father, I lost my home, I lost my culture, I lost -- you know, you lose what you lose -- and I gained a family known as the body of Christ. (applause) Being disowned is a pittance compared to what takes place around the world.

(19:35) And in a town of 115 people [referring to Wood, NC], where my grandmother found faith in Jesus Christ, where both of my brothers have worshiped, where my youngest brother served as pastor after I did. One little town changed my family. One boy reached my soul. One country gave me the freedom to stand in front of people like you and to beg you not to stop.

It's interesting. Caner's final comment suggests that his grandmother came with him to Wood, NC where he went to serve as a minister. That does not sound like a young man who has lost his family and his home, does it? Yet Caner says he lost his family and his home in the second comment. I think we may generously assume that Caner did not mean to suggest that his wife taught him English, but rather that she taught him Southern-isms.



Anonymous said...

She is so bad for him then!


She certainly cannot be blamed for teaching him how to lie and deceive many unsuspecting loving souls who were just listening to him tell the truth, now can she?


Did she?

Sounds a bit reminiscent to me.

Doesn't it you?

Gen 3:12 The man said, "The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate."

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, there isn't anything after 15 minutes on the video link you provided?

Do you know why?

Turretinfan said...

I did not experience that issue, NatAmLLC, nor did several other people who I discussed this with. Not sure what to tell you.

New BBC Open Forum said...

The video is a little over 21 minutes long. It was copied from YouTube where it was posted in two parts and then stitched together into one video. There were several reasons for this. First of all, as we all know, YouTube and other videos you link to have a track record of disappearing (e.g. the EC parody videos). If you blog and want to link to someone else's video, it's always a good idea to back it up somewhere so you can go back and link to your own copy should the original go poof.

Second, the two YouTube clips had about 2 minutes of overlap between them, and the second one inevitably froze at about the 2-minute mark in the YouTube player which I've found to be notoriously slow and aggravating.

You can watch it on VEOH at the link shown below the embedded version on the front page of the FBC Jax Watchdog blog. I assure you nothing was edited out except the overlap in the middle to form one continuous clip. The only things added were the date and location at the beginning and fades at the beginning and end.

Credit was attributed to the YouTube poster and C-SPAN, and a "Fair Use" disclaimer was added.

Anonymous said...


I went to google and retrieved it. On Google it is in two parts, one part is 14:51 minutes in length and the other is 7:38 minutes in length. Once I went to the second clip everything came into focus!

Unknown said...

I dont get the problem personally, Dr. Caner is looking at opening new markets for his product after an adverse PR situation. Since we all agree getting the product to market is the only thing that matters what is the problem? He is working the business, and doing a rather good job despite a PR set back. Dr. Caner should be praised for his resilience.