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Bonaventure in English - Index

I cannot fully recommend the works of Bonavanture, sometimes referred to as "the Seraphic Doctor." Some people have speculated that Bonaventure serves as one of the links between Augustine and Calvin in terms of Calvin's doctrines of grace. I have not found very many English translations of Bonaventure's works, and only one English biography of Bonaventure, at least among those works that are freely available. I would be delighted to expand the index below, or to revise it if some of the works are pseudo-Bonaventure (he was popular enough that there are a substantial number of pseudographic works bearing his name).

Therefore, please don't think that the following is an exhaustive list of his works, or even a list of his works that has been thoroughly checked to confirm authenticity of authorship. Likewise, I cannot fully endorse the theology or liturgical practices of the 13th century Italian we know as Bonaventure.


1) Christ: the One Master of All (English and Latin)

2) The Journey of the Mind into God (English and Latin) (English only txt alternative)(English only html alternative)

3) The Soliloquies of St. Bonaventure
  • Four Mental Exercises
    • How the soul by mental exercise ought to reflect the beams of contemplation to those things that are within her, that she may see (How formed by nature, deformed by sin, and reformed by grace)
    • How the soul by mental exercise ought to convert her contemplation to things external, that she may know (How unstable earthly wealth is, mutable worldly excellency is, and miserable worldly magnificence is)
    • How the soul by mental exercise ought to convert the beams of contemplation to things below her, that she may understand (The inevitable necessity of man's death, the formidable authority of final judgment, and the intolerable pain of eternal punishment)
    • How the soul by mental exercise ought to convert the light of contemplation to those things that are above her, that she may know and understand (The inestimable value of celestial joy, the unspeakable delight, and the interminable eternity)
  • Treatise, "A Bundle of Myrrh," concerning The Passion of Our Savior
    • Of our Lord's praying in the garden, and of his taking
    • Of the mocking of him before Annas, and Caiaphas, and Peter denying him
    • Of his crowning and crucifying
    • Of the things which were done whilst Christ hanged on the cross, and of the giving up of his Spirit, Christ hanging on the Cross thirsteth
    • Of the things which were done after his death hanging yet on the Cross
    • Of the seven seals opened by the passion of Christ
    • Of the resurrection, ascension, and sending of the Holy Ghost
4) The Life of Saint Francis (copy 1)(copy 2)(copy 3)
  • Of the manner of life in the secular state
  • Of his perfect conversion to God, and of the repairing of the three churches
  • Of the founding of his religion, and sanction of the rule
  • Of the advancement of the order under his hand, and of the confirmation of the rule already sanctioned
  • Of the austerity of his life, and of how all created things afforded him comfort
  • Of his humility and obedience, and of the divine condescensions shewn unto him at will
  • Of his love for poverty, and of the wondrous supplying of his needs
  • Of the kindly impulses of his piety, and of how the creatures lacking understanding seemd to be made subject unto him
  • Of his ardent love, and yearning for martyrdom
  • Of his zeal and efficacy in prayer
  • Of his understanding of the Scriptures, and of his spirit of prophecy
  • Of the efficacy of his preaching, and of his gift of healing
  • Of his sufferings and death
  • Of his canonisation, and the translation of his body
  • Miracles wrought after his death
  • Concerning the power of the sacred stigmata
  • Of the dead that were raised
  • Of them that he delivered from the peril of death
  • Of them that were saved from shipwreck
  • Of them that he set free from bonds and imprisonment
  • Of them that were delivered from the perils of childbirth
  • Of the blind that received sight
  • Of them that were delivered from divers diseases
  • Of them that did not observe his feast, and that failed in reverance toward the saint
  • Of certain other miracles of divers kinds
5) The Mirror of the Life of Christ (version in 15th century English); The Life of Christ (modern English); Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (alternative modern English)
  • I. The Angels intercede for Man's redemption. 11
  • II. The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her seven petitions to God. 17
  • III. The Incarnation of Christ, and the angelical salutation of the Blessed Virgin . . . .22
  • IV. Our blessed Lady visits her cousin St. Elizabeth, in whose house the Magnificat and Benedictut were composed 30
  • V. St. Joseph thinks of dismissing the Blessed Virgin, and Goil suffers his beloved to be afflicted 35
  • VI. The Nativity of Jesus Christ 41
  • VII. The Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ . . 54
  • VIII. The Epiphany, or manifestation of our Lord Jesus 59
  • IX. The Blessed Virgin remains at the crib at Bethlehem, till the full term of forty days is expired 69
  • X. The Purification of our blessed Lady, or Candlemas-day . 71
  • XI. Christ's flight into Egypt 76
  • XII. Our Lord's return from Egypt . . . .89
  • XIII. Our Lord remains at Jerusalem . . . .95
  • XIV. Our Lord's life from his twelfth to his thirtieth year 103
  • XV. The Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . 113
  • XVI. The fast and temptation of Christ; his return to his mother; the four means to attain to a perfect purity of heart: the great advantages of prayer; the resistance to be made to gluttony:
  • why, and for whom God works his miracles . 129
  • XVII. Christ opens the book in the synagogue . . 138
  • XVIII. He calls his disciples 141
  • XIX. The conversion of water into wine at the marriage-feast 143
  • XX. The sermon of our Lord on the mount, which he begins by poverty 151
  • XXI. The servant of the centurion and the son of the prince cured 155
  • XXII The paralytic brought in to our Lord by the housetop and cured ..... . 157
  • XXIII. Our Lord cures Simon's mother-in law . . . 159
  • XXIV. Our Lord sleeps in the boat 100
  • XXV. The widow's son raised by our Lord . . . 161
  • XXVI. Our Lord raises a girl from the dead, and cures Martha ...'.... 161
  • XXVII. The conversion of Magdalen, and other things . 163
  • XXVIII. John sends his disciples to Jesus . . . .166
  • XXIX. The death of St. John the Baptist . . . .170
  • XXX. The conference our Lord had with the Samaritan woman, as he sat, being faint arid wearied, by the side of the well to rest himself . . . 175
  • XXXI. The disciples of our Lord pluck ears of corn and eat them, through hunger, on the Sabbath . 178
  • XXXII. The Jews having driven our Lord Jesus out of the city to the top of a steep mountain, endeavor to throw him down thence 184
  • XXXIII- The man with a withered hand cured by our Lord Jesus 184
  • XXXIV. The multiplication of the loaves, and how our Lord provides for those who truly love him . 188
  • XXXV. Our Lord's flight when they would have made him king; and against worldly honors in general . 191
  • XXXVI. Our Lord prays on the mount ; and descending walks on the waters; some reflections on prayer 200
  • XXXVII. Christ relieves the daughter of the woman of Canaan who was possessed with the devil; our guardian angels faithfully assist us . . 214
  • XXXVIII. The Pharisees and others scandalized at the words of our Lord ...... 219
  • XXXIX. The reward promised by our Lord to those who for sake all for him 220
  • XL. Our Lord Jesus asks his disciples what the Jews say of him 323
  • XLI. The glorious transfiguration of our Lord Jesus on Mount Tabor 224
  • XLII. Our Lord casts the buyers and sellers out of the temple 227
  • XLIII. The sick man who was healed at the water in Jerusalem, called Probatica Piscina .... 229
  • XLIV. Our Lord Jesus received by the two sisters, Mary and Martha; and of the two sorts of lives signified thereby 233
  • XLV. Our Lord warns the Jews that the church shall devolve on the Gentiles, in the parable of the husbandmen who killed the son of their Lord . 236
  • XLVI. The Jews seek to ensnare our Lord by his own words 237
  • XLVII. The blind man restored to sight at Jericho!; etc. . 238
  • XLVIII. Our Lord goes into the house of Zacheus . . 241
  • XLIX. Christ gives sight to the man born blind . . 242
  • L. Our Lord retreats from the temple to hide himself, when the Jews would have stoned him . . 245
  • LI. The Jews seek a second time to stone him . . 245
  • LII. The raising of Lazarus 249
  • LIII. Christ curses the fig-tree 252
  • LIV. The woman detected in adultery .... 253
  • LV. The conspiracy of the Jews against Christ, and his flight into the city of Ephraim .... 254
  • LVI. Our Lord's return to Bethania, where Mary Magdalen anoints his feet 257
  • LVII. Our Lord Jesus comes to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday riding on an ass 260
  • LVIII. What our Lord Jesus did from Palm Sunday to the following Thursday 264
  • LIX. Our Lord's supper the night before his passion, and circumstances relating to it . . . . 268
  • LX. The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his prayer in the garden 279
  • LXI. Our Lord Jesus betrayed by Judas .... 286
  • LXII. Our blessed Lord is carried before Pilate, scourged at the pillar, and crowned with thorns . . 291
  • LXIII. Our Lord is condemned to suffer a cruel death on the cross, and compelled to carry the same to Mount Calvary 299
  • LXIV. Our Lord Jesus Christ is nailed to the cross . . 306
  • LXV. The words which our Lord spoke while hanging upon the cross: he yields up his spirit . . 310
  • LXVI. The opening of our blessed Saviour's side with a spear 313
  • LXVII. The descent of our Lord from the cross . . . 316
  • LXVIII. The embalming and burial of our Lord's body . 319
  • LXIX. Our blessed Lady's departure from the sepulchre, and return to Mount Sion , 324
  • LXX. A meditation on our blessed Lady's conversation with her devout companions .... 837
  • LXXI. Our Lord Jesus descends into the Limbo of the Fathers 330
  • LXXII. The glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and his appearance first to his mother .... 343
  • LXXIII. The coming of the three Marys to the sepulchre, etc 844
  • LXXIV. Our Lord's appearance to the holy women . . 845
  • LXXV. Our Lord's appearance to Joseph, to James the less, and to Peter 340
  • LXXVI. Christ returns to the holy Fathers after his resurrection 850
  • LXXVII. Christ appears to the two disciples going to Emmaus 352
  • LXXVIII. Our Lord appears to the disciples who were shut up on the day of the resurrection .... 354
  • LXXIX. Our Lord appears to the disciples on the octave of Easter, when St. Thomas was with them . . 356
  • LXXX. Our Lord appears to his disciples in Galilee . . 359
  • LXXXI. He appears to them again near the sea of Tiberias 360
  • LXXXII. Our Lord appears to more than five hundred disciples together; some remarks relating to his apparitions in general 363
  • LXXXIII. The glorious ascension of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 365
  • LXXXIV. The coming of the Holy Ghost . . . .876
  • Rhythmical Prayer to the Sacred Members of Jesus hanging upon the Cross. By St. Bernard 370
6) Prayer of Saint Bonaventure


Saint Bonaventure: the seraphic doctor, minister-general of the Franciscan Order, Cardinal Bishop of Albano (first copy)(second copy)(third copy)


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