Monday, September 16, 2013

Ergun Caner with Craig von Buseck

Ergun Caner was apparently interviewed some time ago by Craig von Buseck (interview available here).

Caner stated:
I was a Muslim for half my life, until I was almost twenty. The only thing I ever learned about Christianity I learned from my Imam and the scholars in the mosque. Then when I began to be trained in Madras we heard even more about Christians, that they are our enemies. I would guess that the key word that we would call the Americans was the Crusaders. Right after the bombing of 9/11, when the first bin Ladin tape was released, he called us Crusaders. The Fatwa that was signed February 23rd, 1998 referred to us as the Crusaders. This is because from our world mindset -- one side of my family is Wahabi, the other side is Sunni Orthodox -- this is fundamental to understanding how they view America.
a) Caner elsewhere claims to have come to Christ in 1982, which would have meant he was either 15 or 16.
b) This claim of being Sunni/Wahabi was similarly made here:
But another time it was claimed that Ergun's mother was Sufi:
But compare what Emir Caner said about his mother saying the Shahada at the time she married his dad, and subsequently becoming a universalist/hippy:
And finally remember that Geisler tried to claim on Caner's behalf that "Michael" was a name that Caner's mother "always wished to give him" (see here).
Caner state: "I do debates and in America it's becoming kind of like the gospel according to Jerry Springer -- you know, there's yelling and screaming."
Where are these debates?
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