Friday, February 28, 2014

Caner's Father - An Architect who "Came to Build Mosques"?

In describing his father, Ergun Caner has repeatedly referred to him as an "architect" and claimed he came to America to "build mosques."  I doubt this account for a number of reasons.

First, Acar Caner's death certificate lists his occupation as "engineer." Unfortunately, this certificate has not been posted on-line.

Second, the Turkish article we previously reported (here) stated: "His father's family had its roots in Istanbul. His father was an engineer and a religious man who was also attached to his secular values. Acar Caner studied engineering in Sweden and then moved to the capital of Ohio, Columbus, in 1969, with his Swedish wife who had converted to Islam."

Third, although the building that is now the "Islamic Foundation" on Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio was renovated in the 1980's, the architect listed was not Acar Caner.

Of course, lots of things are possible.  Still, if Acar Caner was actually an architect, there surely must be some evidence of it out there.  There's an aspect of "wait and see" about this, but I would encourage people not to automatically assume that Acar Caner was an architect or that his primary role was building mosques.


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michael said...

If my memory serves me correctly there's an international journal that lists ALL architects who have ever received a license? If Acer Caner received an architectural degree and licensed his license # and vitae would be listed with his name and his projects.