Monday, November 10, 2008

Ridiculous Accusations Refuted

I read a touching testimonial today about the apparent conversion of a four-year-old child (link). There would be no particular reason for me to blog this (as wonderful as it is), except for the fact that those under the power of sin have responded by accusing this woman of "child abuse." Why?


a) She explains to her children that they are sinners.

But this is both the truth and the woman's Christian duty to tell them.

b) She *might* be spanking her children.

But this is both the proper and loving way to discipline children according to the Bible.


The problem with the folks launching these ridiculous accusations against this Christian woman is that they do not know the truth. These accusers are not followers of God, nor are they students of His Word. Their eyes have not been opened to see the truth of the Gospel. That's the reason they reject the Word of God and accuse this poor woman as they do.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

What's interesting is that they lob the accusation "child abuse" for convicting a child of sin from an early age. On the other hand, these people have no moral basis for denouncing even actual child abuse (much less saving a child's soul). Furthermore, in their false accusation they actually wish to bring about child abuse in the form of parents neglecting the spiritual state of their children.

The true child abuse is neglecting to tell children of their sin. The true child abuse (by way of neglect) is failing to speak of things of God to one's children. It is truly abusive (by way of neglectfulness) to refuse to give corporeal discipline to a child that needs it.

These anti-God critics need to think again, for on the side of this woman is God and His Word. They may not like to believe it, and they may prefer to listen to the mockery of the likes of Dawkins. Nevertheless, God does exist and He has spoken. Those who stop their ears will only be able to do so for so long. Eventually everyone passes on and goes to meet their maker.

Repent and believe now, while their is time.



Turretinfan said...

Anonymous wrote: "Just because people criticize this woman does not mean they are not followers of God."

Sorry, but the mouth reveals the heart. Their criticism of this woman convicting her child of being a sinner (which the child is), is a wrong criticism. In that, they are opposing the God who gave the Bible: the one true God. They are not following Him.

Some of the folks criticizing this lady are openly atheistic, as judged by comments like "if I were praying kind" or endorsements of Dawkins. There may be confused Christians joining in. If so, they should open up the Bible and read what is says about the spiritual state of the unbelieving man. It is not a pretty picture.


Anonymous said...

TF, you know, Stew's answer is my answer when I come right out and boil it all down!

My anger is with God.

I am so grateful for His Kindness and Mercy to let me be angry with Him!

God insists on it being this way or else there never would have been a "First" Commandment.

God could have done otherwise.

It reminds me of my problem. I found out early on way back in 1975 when I was sent to do some work at an apple orchard in Washington State. While there we had segregated duties. Most of the women and older children worked in the apple orchard with the young men and men of my group.

I was a tractor driver so at lunchtime I had to do other work before I could go to lunch. I always got to lunch about 20 and sometimes 30 minutes after everyone else. I always drove the tractor up to the dining area. Outside was the "playground" for all the little toddlers. Most of them if not all of them could walk. After about 2 months of a routine of day after day showing up 20 to 30 minutes later than the pickers, driving up and parking the tractor, on this particular day, after turning it off and walking past the playground I said to the children in passing, don't touch the tractor. Not thinking much about it I went in and had lunch. when it came time to go back to work I came out the same door I went it. To my shock and amazement almost all if not all the children were crawling all over the tractor!

Wow, I was surprised because never once before that moment did any of the children think to get on that tractor. It was after I spoke a "law" ""do not do this"" that that evil sinful nature latent in each of us was brought to life and activated!

I learned a hard lesson then, and I am thankful.

The article of Jean's daughter coming to know at such an early age that she is a sinner brought out what it brings out of all of us when we too are awakened to the inherited sin nature of Adam. For me, as I said, I got angry, just like Stew.

Now I have, as you have said above, come to the same mindset as you:::>

".... These accusers are not followers of God, nor are they students of His Word. Their eyes have not been opened to see the truth of the Gospel. That's the reason they reject the Word of God and accuse this poor woman as they do."

Now I do not fret over the anger I realize is in others, or when they go off because of the Truth of the Gospel. Why? Because it is there in all of us!

If anyone is watching the current angry demonstrations in California over the outcome of Prop. 8, it's because of this anger against the Truth. The gay and lesbian community is venting anger against the voters who voted yes on Prop. 8 because they can. Their anger is well placed and it is because they do not have the Truth or as Paul teaches in Romans, they may now have the Truth awakened in them and out of anger they are protesting and, or, because of anger or fear they are suppressing the Truth. It will not get better, only worse. That is the truth about the Truth! We are confronted with one of two things, to die to self, or to get angry with God because we, unlike the little girl, do not have awakened Truth in us about overcoming the sin nature through Christ and His cross, daily.

Isn't it great that even today in the United States, sinners can protest and express anger in this way, however terrible it is?

It does not diminish the Truth's effect affecting sinners devoid of the Spirit to express outrageous anger! I expressed outrage and anger against the Truth! In some ways, I still do.

What isn't apparent to most is just how outrageous His Grace is towards those He calls and elects to be separated from this world!

Hopefully, in time, God's outragesous Grace will overcome the outrage being expressed against the Truth!

It doesn't seem to be getting dimmer, but brighter and brighter as the day draws near, hence, that is why the anger is increasing and increasing!

It is also the reason why your end admonition is so powerful to those called to "hear" it:::>

"....Repent and believe now, while their is time...."

I am grateful for the link to the article!


steve said...

There's another issue: are unbelievers who teach children that they are nothing more than mortal animals or meat machines also guilty of child abuse? Isn't that a very depressing thing to tell a child? It poisons his whole outlook on life.

Naturalistic evolution is a very cruel theory. If it's child abuse to teach children about original sin, then it's child abuse to teach them about naturalistic evolution.

Turretinfan said...


Yes, even internally considered, telling people they are mere animals is more cruel than telling them are sinful human beings.


TheoJunkie said...

Well, I hope Jean is strong enough to ignore all that.

While I did not gather that Jean has done this, there are some Christians who forget the other half of the Gospel. It is true that we are all sinners... but that's not the end of the story. When (or if) Christians say "you are a sinner and deserve hell" and then stop talking (i.e., do not proclaim the solution that is Christ), then that would qualify as emotional abuse. Again, I do not gather from Jean's post that she has neglected the cross with her daughter. Some Christians do though, even as some self-identified Christians neglect that people are sinners.

Turretinfan said...

TJ wrote: "...there are some Christians who forget the other half of the Gospel..."

I've never encountered that kind of Christian, myself. It would, of course, be bad never to mention the Hope of sinners.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting this. I am sure Jean needs and appreciates the encouragment from other believers in her endeavor to raise her kids in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


Douglas Kofi Adu-Boahen said...

Mr. Turrentinfan,

Thanks for posting this. Maybe it's due to my study of English, but the mother said nothing to her child prior to that conversation.

Seems like the General Synod of the Church of the Most Sacred and Veracious Self-Esteem simply wants to quash those who disagree with their humanistic understanding of the world. Great stuff!

Your brother in Christ,


Lockheed said...

Amen to all of you. I've been having ongoing convos with some of those who migrated to my blog after I posted.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you brought this to our attention! Now we can all go give her encouragement and pray for her!

Amitabho said...

Teaching original sin is cruel because it is not true and is deeply disturbing. However, there is still a way out: by believing in something that doesn't exist and who's very concept by millions of people everyday!

Teaching naturalistic evolution is not cruel because is is true and yet not-really disturbing. However, there is still a way out: by believing in something that doesn't exist and is not abused by anyone.

Original Sin's Score: 2/4
Naturalistic Evolutionism's Score: 3/4

You fail.

Turretinfan said...

Your calculations are flawed because you mistakenly assert that original sin is not the truth.

What is true cruelty is keeping the truth of original sin from children. It would be better for such a person if they were drowned, because there is eternal judgment waiting for those who oppose God in this life, which is a far worse fate than drowning.

And I had to laugh at the idea that naturalistic evolution is true: what on earth makes you think that?