Thursday, September 03, 2009

Can One Haiku in English?

The title of this blog post, "Can One Write Haiku in English?" caught my eye (link to post). It's an interesting post on the topic, and reminded me that I need to be writing more of my haikus in the medium in which I do that (link to said medium). Currently, I am working my way through a haiku version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.



Brandon said...

I think that's a very cool idea. I hope when you're done that you draw them all together into a sequence; if what you have now is any indication, the whole would be well worth reading.

Turretinfan said...

Thanks very much!

Matthew said...

So, when are you going to start TurretinFan Tweets to the Russian Speaking Peoples?

Turretinfan said...

I think it will be significantly harder to write haikus in Russian because of the less compact nature of that language. We'll see. There's no immediate plan in that regard.

Coram Deo said...

Turretin haiku?
I don't think I can do that.
Oh well, such is life.