Monday, August 31, 2009

Colour Me Impressed!

This takes Scripture memorization the full distance (link). And what's even better, the person in question is not content with simply memorizing the Bible: "I want a relationship with Jesus more than just reading and memorizing verses," he's reported as saying.


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Anonymous said...

Colour me too then!

We have in my parts a man of similar gift. It is always amazing to sit and watch and learn and listen from him. What is more amazing is this guy, who I know personally, "lives" the Word as well as he remembers it and speaks it without any aid from the Written texts!

He has dedicated some property, "Mercy Mountain", to the helps ministry of the Word and local law enforcement agencies of the Judiciary. The Christian work is utilized by Judges, helping drug addicts come out of their personal addictions by serving time at Mercy Mountain instead of the county jail.

Both the work and the man are amazing. Not all of those coming under his ministry are always successful. Those who are assigned to Mercy Mountain, whom the Lord gives a hunger for His Word, not surprisingly, are!