Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Clement VI Semon Verified (?)

Clement VI's Sermon is Sermon 6 in Mollat's list of the oratorical works of Clement VI.  This one is a bit more interesting, because Mollat seemingly mentions Alva, and notes some interesting problems associated with dating this particular sermon.  The idea that the sermon is not authentic, however, does ont seem to be on Mollat's mind:

L'ŒUVRE ORATOIRE DE CLÉMENT VI, G. Mollat in Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age, Vol. 3 (1928), pp. 239-274 (36 pages), Published By: Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin

And I think that closes the loop for how many popes it takes to deny the immaculate conception.

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