Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who Led Dr. Caner to Christ? Was his Grandmother involved?

We saw that a pre-9/11 poster advertising Dr. Caner as a speaker says that Dr. Caner's grandmother led him to Christ. We also see that in this video (about half way through - note the "almost in college" claim for his conversion date at the beginning) Dr. Caner says: "All it did, was take one simple grandmother, to explain to me that everything's a trinity. Space is a Trinity, Time is a Trinity."  (link to current place)(link to original source - now broken)
I don't know whether Dr. Caner's grandmother was influential in his conversion.  I don't know the truth of how he came to serve Christ - and I don't need to know that.  I wonder whether perhaps his grandmother was influential in that process, along with his classmate from high school, but I obviously have no way of knowing.  Indeed, in the video clip linked-to above, Dr. Caner does not even say that the grandmother was his grandmother, or that this explanation was provided before his conversion.  Still, it is an interesting clip.

I don't really care for the spatial and temporal analogies to the Trinity.  I don't see any need here to get into why that is, but I think it's sufficient to say I don't think the Trinity as Trinity is directly analogous to anything in nature - the Trinity is other.


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