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Caners on the John Ankerberg Show

There are a number of clips of the Caners' previous (before 2013) appearance(s) on the John Ankerberg show.  It is unclear how this appearance will compare with the 2013 appearance in terms of the Caners' biographies/autobiographies.  The following are some notes from those clips, with links to the clips.  I'm not sure how much use these are, but I offer them more or less by way of an index for interested people, since it appears quite a few people are interested in the subject.

What is Christmas time like for a Muslim?

Ankerberg's question seems to assume that the Caners both came to America, when in fact Emir was born here.  Emir does not clarify this in the clip.

Emir claims that they did not celebrate Christmas due to their father's protectiveness.

What is Salvation for a Muslim?

No biographical details.

Former Muslim Testimony

Ergun claims that they did not have close friends, even in high school.

Ergun credits Jerry Tackett with being tenacious for years.

Ergun claims that walking into a church would "defile" him.

It is interesting to hear Emir claim that the verse in the Quran that says that "they did not crucify him" says that someone took his place.  That's definitely a predominate Muslim interpretation of the verse, but it is not what the verse says.

Ergun claims that Shabir Ally would always ask in debate, "What does one man's death have to do with me?"

Former Muslim Disowned by Father

How did you survive being disowned by your father, Ankerberg asks.  Ergun talks about how his father was a hero to him.

Islam Proselytizing America

No biographical details.

What do Muslims Believe about Jesus?

No biographical details.

Leading a Muslim to Christ

Emir cites "volume 5 of the Hadith, number 266."

Muslim Belief about Grace and Unconditional Love

No biographical details.

What do Muslims Believe?

No biographical details.

What happens when a Muslim Becomes a Christian?

Ergun talks about coming forward the fourth or fifth time he had been in church, to be led to Jesus by the minister.

Emir says that Ergun was saved about a year prior to Emir.  Emir says that the same friend "along with my brother" invited Emir to church as well.  Emir claims he went forward that night and was saved.  Interestingly, at page 19 of "Unveiling Islam," the Caners had claimed that Ergun invited Emir to church after Erdem had been saved in their basement (link).

Emir claims that he and Ergun were disowned at separate times by their father.

Emir cites "Hadith, Volume 9, Number 57," but adds "of Bukhari's hadith."

Ergun claims he went to his father and told him that he believes Jesus is the Son of God.

He said that after he didn't see his father for another 17 years.

How can a Muslim know he is going to Heaven?

No biographical details.

Do Muslims have to Pay for their Own Sins?

No biographical details.

What will happen if Islam keeps Growing?

No biographical details.

What will happen if Christian keeps getting "watered down"

No biographical details.

Sharia Law

Emir claims that in Sharia if a woman is raped it is considered her fault.

Is Jihad Physical Warfare?

No biographical details.

How Many Countries have Sharia Law?

Ergun claims he does debates.

Muslim Beliefs about End-time Events

No biographical details.

Muslims and Eschatology

Ergun claims that he was taught that the Jews drink the blood of Palestinian children.

Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims?

Ergun claims he was raised to hate the Jews.

Ergun also claims he believes Jesus died so that Osama bin Ladin could be saved.

Does Islamic Eschatology Depend on Conquest of the World?

Ergun claims that his father died believing that the first gulf war didn't take place, because Islam can't lose.

Is Mohammed the Prophet that we all should Follow?

No biographical details.

Is Mohammed the Exemplar we should follow?

The Caners claim to be working on a commentary on every verse in the Koran from an Evangelical standpoint ("2.3 million words" - Ergun Caner).

What is the Influences on or of Mohammad?

Ergun treats the "Gospel of Barnabas" as being written "five centuries after any apostles have been on the planet."  (In fact, it's a 14th century forgery, more than five centuries after Mohammad)  Ergun claims that this development gives Mohammad credence.

Interestingly, Ergun suggests we should beware of a man who is the hero of every illustration, beware of a pastor who is the hero of every story.

Compare Jesus with Mohammad

No biographic details.

What about the Dark Side of Islam?

No biographic details.

Who is Allah?

Ergun refers to his and Emir's debates, and claims that they have not met one scholar who would say that Allah and Jehovah God of the Bible are the same God.

What is the plan of salvation in Islam?

No biographic details.

What about Hell in Islam?

No biographic details.

What about the Holy Spirit in Islam?

No biographic details.

Where do the five pillars of Islam come in?

No biographic details.

What is the good news Islam doesn't have?

No biographic details.

Why is it so hard for Muslim people to become Christians?

Emir notes that he and Ergun were disowned by their father.

Caners talk about their father, a devout Muslim

Ergun talks about being cut out of pictures.  Ergun claims he never got to see two sisters born or raised.

Ergun describes coming to see their dying father.

Emir talks about how he and Erdem were saved the same week and baptized the same Sunday.

Emir mentions that his mother had become a Sunni Muslim because of their father.  Emir also mentions the salvation of his grandmother, without claiming she had been a Muslim.

Emir also refers to his half-sisters as sisters.

What can happen to Muslim women who are saved?

No biographic details.

Can we reach Muslims here in America?

No biographic details, aside from mentioning international trips.

A Palestinian Arab that became a Christian

No biographical details.

Leading a Muslim to Christ

No biographical details.


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