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Caner Materials

Some folks have suggested that Ergun Caner's critics are getting their material from a Muslim "hate site." To those folks, I'd like to provide links to Ergun Caner himself speaking or writing, or to general or Baptist press reports of what he has said.


November 2007 NW Baptist Convention (Number 1)(Number 2)

Sermon: "The Greatest Day in Church" (CD for sale, streams for free)

Transcript of "Christian Jihad" interview on CBN (link)

Transcript of "What Do Muslims Believe" (four part series on the John Ankerburg Show)(link to pdf)

Interview for SBC Today (link)

Prestonwood Sermon (link)

Two Sermons from each of Ergun and Emir (link)

Three Ergun talks (link)

Pastor Lloyd interviews Ergun Caner (link)


Living With Joy Radio - "Ergun Caner: From Islam to Christianity"
Part 1 - November 2, 2009
Part 2 - November 3, 2009
Part 3 - November 4, 2009

Interview on "For Faith and Family" (August 27, 2007)

FRC Action Speech (September 2009)(you have to scroll almost to the bottom of the speakers to find Caner)

Discussion on Islam in Seattle (not sure the date)
Islam 101
Islam 201
Islam 301

Zola Levitt Appearances (dates are the first dates of airing - I don't know whether they aired live or were pre-recorded)

Episode: “Behind the Veil” with Ergun Caner
Part 1 - April 18, 2004
Part 2 - May 2, 2004

Episode: “Dr. Ergun Caner: An Arab-Christian”
Part 1 - June 23, 2002
Part 2 - June 30, 2002

Signs of the End 2001: “Now a Christian” (Ergun Caner)
November 4, 2001 [Update: 3/8/2010 - I'm having trouble with this link]

Episode: “The Darkness That Nearly Engulfed Us”
October 21, 2007 [Portion of the episode with Caner begins about 19 minutes into the clip.]

Craig von Buseck Interview (at CBN)

Pat Robertson Interview (on the 700 club) "Islam Unveiled"
Transcript Another? interview transcript

John Ankerberg Show
"Is Islam Opposed to Democracy and Christianity?" (May 30, 2004)
"Former Muslims Testify About Islam" (2003)

Undated/Unsourced Video of Caner (link) [Caution: some of the ads on the hosting site are unsavory.]

July 6, 2002, Associated Press Article

Baptist Press article regarding "What the Media Get Wrong About My People Every Time," by Ergun Caner (June 16, 2004)

Former Muslim Discuss Conflict In the (July 30, 2006)

When Worldviews Collide : ‘We either adapt or die’ (August 16, 2006)

How Muslims Become Christians - John Ankerberg Show (not sure what date)

What The Qur'an Says About Non Muslims? - John Ankerberg Show (not sure what date)

What Do Muslims Believe? (12 part series - not sure what date)

Caner's Old Biography Photo Page(apparently captured in 2004)

Caner's Old Biography Page (apparently captured in 2005) (Another version of Caner's Old biography)

WayBack Machine Archives for main page (various times)

(thanks to Fusion! for the three links above)

WayBack Machine Archives for all material at (various times)

Caner's Glossary of Arabic Terms (apparently as of 2005)

Caner's Topical Index of the Koran (apparently as of 2007)

Caner's Article titled, "Dirty Little Secret" (apparently as of 2005)

Photo Allegedly of Ergun and his Father (retrieved 2004)

Photo Allegedly of Ergun in a Mosque with a Rifle (retrieved 2004)

Churchhouse To Jailhouse - Ergun Caner (part 1)(part 2)(part 3)(part 4)(audio set to a slideshow of still images)

The Threat of Radical Islam - Ergun Caner (part 1)(part 2)(part 3)(part 4)

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