Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ergun Caner's Testimony - 28 Minute Video

Perhaps my readers are tired of clicking on mp3s. The video at the following link is 28 minutes long (link). Watch and see if you can spot where he:
  • Claims to have lived in majority Muslim countries.

  • Claims to have worn "a keffiyeh."

  • Talks about "not an imam, not the mullah, not the mulima," although ulima (not "mulima") is the word for scholars, and the singular (to be parallel with the singular, imam and mullah) would be alim.

  • Provides a story about Mohammed's first alleged revelation, citing to "the beginning of the Hadith" for a story about Mohammed foaming and roaring like a lion. (Bonus, can you find any reference to this story in Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Chapter 1?)

  • Mistranslates the most core creed of Islam, the Shahada, by adding the word "final." (see the correct translation here)

  • Claims that Jerry Tackett began evangelizing him "starting in my sophomore year in high school he just wouldn't let up, all the way through almost my senior year."

  • States, "They didn't call me a 'towel-head,' because I walked into that church in full gear."

  • Attributes a saying to Shabir Ally, as something Ally said, "before he died."

  • Identifies the date of his conversion as November 4, 1982.

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