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Campus Church - 2008

Campus Church - 2008

2008.08.27 Diary of a Slacker - Part 1

(0:50) What Skinny - what McKinney and the guys just did was tame compared to what we end up doing throughout the semester. We like to sort of slowly marinate you into industrial goth. Before we're done, you'll be doing Skillet and Archetype.

(6:38) And for a guy like me, it makes total sense. I wasn't raised in the church, I didn't enter a church until I was almost in college. I was not only a skeptic and a critic, I was a vociferous antagonist against the church.

(6:53) I hated you. I didn't like Christians. I was raised as a Muslim, and I assumed you were going to hell, and I assumed you wanted to send me to hell.

(9:00) I am a towel-head. I am a sand-monkey. I am a camel jockey. I am olive-skinned. Now if those words offend you "that's just wrong" Shut up!

(10:01) I'm not saved 'cause I'm Baptist. I happen to be Baptist. I was saved Independent Baptist. I was in a church where if I'd come in dressed like this, they'd have given me a gospel tract.

(10:26) But then I joined a missionary baptist church, a black baptist church. I was the - Black Baptists? got some of y'all Missionary Baptists, National Baptist Alliance? I wasn't the only white guy in the church - there were a couple of white girls who were in the choir. Every black church has a couple of white girls in the choir, who are dating some of the guys. And, ironically, the white girls talk more black than the regular black people around them. They all sound like Bon Qui-qui. You're looking at them, and they're going "uh-huh let me tell you sumthin'" and you're like, "you're from Amherst, where'd you get that accent from?"

(20:27) Ergun M. Caner: What is your favorite part about playing football? Braxton Paige Caner (9 years old): Hitting and hurting people. (laughter from EMC and crowd) EMC: (in fake voice) See that's just not Christian. (regular voice) But we're Christians, Braxton! BPC: Oh, and then I'll pray for 'em. (laughter from EMC and crowd) EMC: Who do you want to play for when you get in college? BPC: Liberty EMC: (over some applause from the Liberty students) Yeah, seriously? That's cool. Didn't mean to embarrass you by bringing you out here. Anything you want to - you got a shot - I'll give you the mic - what do you want to say? BPC: If there's any hotties, call me. (lots of applause from the Liberty students) EMC: I'm gonna get fired. How do you recover from that? Who told you to say that? Did somebody tell you to say that? Was that Johnny Ray?

(23:26) Now, I didn't start well. I mean, I started as a Sunni Muslim, and lived until I was seventeen and a half - but once I got saved, I have tripped into everything I've ever gotten. I'm an accidental, whatever-I-am.

2008.09.17 Diary of a Slacker - Part 3

(5:09) This list comes from 1988, which was my first senior year. Do the math. I started Cumberland College in 1984, didn't graduate 'til '89. Yeah, I squeezed four years of college into five years.

I didn't bring this up because it is false, but because I think it is true. He graduated from high school in 1984, which is why he started at Cumberland in 1984.

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