Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Incorrigible Camping

Camping has moved his date from from May 21, 2011, to October 21, 2011. No repentance for his faulty hermeneutic. He simply took the position that he was not being spiritual enough.

There's not the smallest reason to take his claim seriously. I hope no one will, though I fear his followers will seize on this false hope that his approach will pull through.

Harold Camping remains a heretic outside the church, and is himself in danger of the hell-fire that he claims does not exist. May God have mercy on him.



donsands said...

Amazing. Yet, human pride can grip a human heart like a vise, and Satan knows how to turn the slide bar and keep us in the lock jaws.

Yet, a simple cry out to Christ for help, and Satan flees, and the pride is removed, so that our hearts can receive forgiveness and spiritual renewal.

I know this, because my own pride grips me at times. I need to do some searching in the Word about pride, and seek His truth concerning my pride.

i pray Harold will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Harold did exactly what the jehovah witness's did.
Spiritualized everything. Simply amazing I am speechless. He is a jehovah witness and doesn't even know it.

The Puritan said...

In a way Camping kind of became an amill, didn't he?

Isn't it safe to say when the supernatural events of the end occur we will be not in the flesh one way or another? I mean, if alive, we're changed in an instant, right? And what we are told we will see we see from spiritual bodies, right?

Anonymous said...

"...is himself in danger of the hell-fire that he claims does not exist."

He doesn't believe in hell but proclaims the end of the world? If there is no hell, what's the point of the world ending?

Turretinfan said...

Annihilation of the wicked, shaming of them by exposure of their dead bodies ...

better yet, just ask Camping.