Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guess Which of These Popes is German and Which is Not

"Luther’s thinking, his whole spirituality, was thoroughly Christocentric:" Benedict XVI

"Moreover, because the preceding errors and many others are contained in the books or writings of Martin Luther, we likewise condemn, reprobate, and reject completely the books and all the writings and sermons of the said Martin, whether in Latin or any other language, containing the said errors or any one of them; and we wish them to be regarded as utterly condemned, reprobated, and rejected." - Leo X


Ljdibiase said...

I guess the "utterly condemned, reprobated, and rejected" acorn grew into a "thoroughly Christocentric" oak tree.

Natamllc said...

Where was Leo X from?

Coram Deo said...

Papa Bene is right, of course. It's too bad for Bene and his minions that Luther's Christ and Rome's Christ represent radically different and incompatible conceptions. Wrong Christ = Damnation.

In Christ,

Chris Hansen said...


Natamllc said...

Oh, didn't know that until now. I have been to Florence. Quite a dirty old place! The red orange juice is interesting, though! :)