Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ergun Caner - Southcrest Baptist Church - April 13, 2013

Apparently Dr. Ergun Caner spoke at the Southcrest Baptist Church on April, 13, 2013 (link).  He includes some of those same comments about how bad he is or was at handling funds.

9:15 "After I said the word 'married' they didn't hear a word. I could have said, 'and by the way, I'm a member of Al-Qaeda' Right? Turk, you could believe it."

I bet people could believe it.  His jihad-related claims in the past were pretty widely accepted at first.

22:35 "Brother Jerry asked me to do something specific. I've never preached my testimony in a (your?) church twice. I did it a decade ago."

It would be interesting to hear how different the testimony sounds now.  I also suppose this explains why Caner was giving this testimony even though other messages he delivered in 2013 didn't have the same emphasis.

24:35 "For three years, he kept coming"  | 26:20 "going into my senior year"

These make it sound like he was saved in 1983, since he graduated in 1984.

34:30 "For 17 years, I am disowned. Now I live with haters, and I live with people who always mock me. The thing that really gets to me is that when they mock my testimony, they're actually mocking the boy who led me to Christ. And if you make fun of a guy who gets disowned for 17 years, you're really sort of a hard heart."

a) 17 years would mean he was saved in 1982, since his dad died in 1999.
b) It's not "mocking" to point out that Caner's testimony has often been presented in terms that are not true, such as claiming he immigrated as a teenager or that his father was a polygamist.  Even the testimony he offered at this church in 2013 is inconsistent with itself - was he saved in 1982 or 1983?

35:05 "A year after I got saved, both my brothers - all three are born again."

This has been a pretty consistent aspect of his testimony, that there was about a year (or eight months) gap between his conversion and that of his brothers.  But in Caner's book, "Unveiling Islam," it is written that Emir Caner was saved on November 4, 1982, after going to a revival service "the following year" from when Ergun had been saved (p. 19).  So, that would put Ergun's conversion in 1981.

36:20 "In 1995, my grandmother got saved.  My grandmother died in 1999 at the age of 97 years old."

That would seem to indicate his grandma got saved at age 93 or so.

43:20 "It took me 3 years, Erdem and Emir another year, my mom another nine years, my grandmother - 13 years."

That 13 years number indexes well to 1982 as the year Ergun got saved.



michael said...

I've been doing some research about the culture and customs of Turkey. I emailed the Turkish Foreign Affairs a request for legal information about polygamy in Turkey. I just received this response:::>

Sayın Michael Burke,

Accoring to the Turkish Civil Code which entered into force in 1926, polygamy (multiple marriages) is forbidden since then.

En iyi dileklerimizle,
Dışişleri Bakanlığı


I don't read or speak the Turkish language but Dr. Caner purportedly does? I wonder if he would kindly translate the portions of the above letter written in the Turkish language and more to the point help us reconcile just how old his father was when he first married seeing the Turkish Government, as the letter directly from their Foreign Affairs office said the law change in 1926 and polygamy has been forbidden since then?

terriergal said...

I thought he just spoke at Brewton Parker and said his grandmother is still alive , still sharing the gospel, and smokes a lot, something like that.