Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ergun Caner - Shades Mountain Independent Church - Missions Conference 2010

"See the Fields," is the title of a message that Dr. Ergun Caner apparently preached at Shades Mountain Independent Church (SMIC) at the Missions Conference 2010, on February 21, 2010 (link to page - you may need to scroll almost to the bottom). All times below are approximate:

1:30 "He was in my dorm, eight months after I got saved, in college!"

That does seem to suggest he was saved during his senior year in high school. That does not align with some of his other claims about when he got saved.

2:15 "I am a Turk. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, but Turk."

It is nice to hear him acknowledging his real birthplace.

3:35 "Her father is from Possum Kill, NC."

It would be nice if there was any evidence that this was a real place.

28:00 "Turkish kid, active, devout Muslim, living in Gahanna, Ohio. I don't eat with them, I don't talk with them. The Koran teaches, Surah 5, do not take friends from among the Jews and the Christians, you bring their judgment upon you. I have no friends who are Jews or Christians. One guy, Jerry Tackett, who doesn't stop for over three years. He's going at me with the gospel. I eat differently, I speak differently, I pray differently, I'm talkin to a different god, yet here's this guy who won't quit."

I don't think he didn't eat with them or talk with them. He did sports, singing, and theater throughout high school (according to his yearbook).

29:00 "Four days later, when I become a believer and I lose my family, and I lose everything, one church takes me in."

Why would his custodial, hippy-universalist mother care? His non-custodial father may have disowned him, but "lose my family" and "lose everything" looks unsupportable in the face of the facts that we can document.

29:45 "A year later, this boy who had converted from jihad to Christ finds out that both my brothers got saved. All three of us from our father and our mother, our father had other children and another wife, but from our mom, Ergun, Erdem, Emir, all three born again, all three ministers, all three married to amazing, godly, Christian hot wives, and it all goes back to one person."

a) This suggests that Caner was off to school when his brothers were converted.
b) Where is any evidence that Caner was involved in any serious jihad.

30:50 "My grandmother got saved at 93!"

Elsewhere it has been other ages, always over 90, if I'm not mistaken.



Unknown said...

One thing that hasn't been discussed much is that prior to Ergun Caner's revised testimony, he claimed that his grandmother was the one who led him to Christ! This was his testimony when he traveled with Dr. Patterson at Criswell College.

Unknown said...
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Turretinfan said...


Do you have any recording of that? I have only one document that indicates that, myself.


michael said...

Having visited for several weeks Sweden (1985) staying with Christian friends I'd say Dr. Caner's grandmother was "already" at a minimum, a Lutheran? An interesting thing to note though was it was the Muslim families in exile there who were the most interested in talking with me after I got done street preaching.