Monday, August 06, 2007

This Blog's Rating

On a lark, I ran this blog through an automated blog rating program, one linked to by TeamPyro. The result surprised me: the present blog received an NC-17 rating. The apparent source of this rating was the high number of mentions of death, dying, and hell as well as (and perhaps especially) the use of a particular Latin preposition that has a very vulgar (and apparently completely unrelated) use in English.

To confirm, I ran the same analysis on the copy of the book of Isaiah, New Vulgate translation, from the Vatican's website:

It received the same NC-17 rating. Depending on the sophistication of the rating engine (and I doubt it was very sophisticated at all), I've just further entrenched my rating by linking to such an "obscene" site as the book of Isaiah in the Latin tongue.

Perhaps this blog's new motto should be: "rated the same as a major prophet." In any event, it just goes to show the uselessness of automated mechanisms for making judgments with respect to obscenity.

Pax Dei vobiscum!



Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you could check a blog's rating.

TheoJunkie said...

Interesting... Mine's only PG, but then, I don't know Latin.