Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life of John Calvin

One kind reader recently requested that I provide a biography of John Calvin. This is something that I'd rather leave to other people. Here are some links to excellent brief biographies of Calvin.

Some interesting contextualization of Calvin here:

Here's a fairly good, quick, biography:

And here is a slightly more lengthy one:

However, the bottom line is that I, for one, am not persuaded to agree with Calvin on the many points where I agree with him, because he said it, nor because he lived a virtuous life of devotion to the truth. I agree with him because study of Scripture confirms that his doctrines - at least most of them - have them as their source. For the same reason, I have no plans to write a biography of Turretin.

May the Holy Spirit, who provided us with Scripture, be praised!



Anonymous said...

Dennison wrote "The Life and Career of Francis Turretin" which is placed at the end of Vol. 3 of The Institutes of Elenctic Theology (P&R Publishing).

Turretinfan said...

Thanks for the tip!