Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Federal Vision / Aubern Avenue Theology - News

Apparently the PCA is considering how to address the Federal Vision / Aubern Avenue Theology problem today. May God give the presbyters wisdom to distinguish error from truth, and to do so with the appropriate balance of firmness and gentleness.

Having seen many comments on the issue, I'm interested to see what the PCA will say, and even more interested in how they will say it. If I had to wager, I'm inclined to suspect that they will say that the issue needs further study, although many of the doctrinal statements presented by FV/AAT are troubling.



The Jolly Blogger reports that the committee's report was adopted. More details here. Link.


Anonymous said...

If you have not done so, I would suggest reading the suggested material here:


TheoJunkie said...

I guess I'm becoming closed minded and/or apathetic in my old age... either that, or I'm simply tired of arguing.

I see this stuff and I can only sadly shake my head and "cluck" softly to myself.

It seems that the history of Man is a cycle of pride/presumed self-sufficiency... followed by God having to give Man a dope slap... followed by Reformation... followed by gradual slippage into pride and presumed self-sufficiency again...

Man was created by God.
Man left God.
God revealed Himself to Man.
Man left God.
God destroyed man save 8.
God revealed Himself to Man.
Man left God.
God sent prophets.
Man left God.
God sent Christ.
Man left God.

When will it end?