Saturday, September 22, 2007

No, He Did Not

According to this article (link), a man followed every rule in the Bible for a year.

No. He did not.

Only Christ ever followed every rule in the Bible for a year. What the man in the article did is mock every rule in the Bible for a year.

While a few men have been scrupulous in their observence of the ceremonial law of the Old Testament (Saul of Tarsus being the prime example), ALL have sinned (including Christ's mother) and come short of the glory of God. Christ alone is sinlessly perfect.



Anonymous said...

Yes, what a mock he makes of sin. He admits his sin without a bit of shame. Not surprising as shame is not something our culture or even the church wants to expose.


TheoJunkie said...

To the guy's credit:

"... I guess I was never sin free. I was able to cut down on my coveting maybe 40 percent, but I was still a coveter. "

Interesting though. I'm curious whether he reaches this conclusion in his book. It would be a good testimony (regardless of what the media would like to paint it as).

Turretinfan said...

Yes - the guy acknowledged his failings on exactly the same sticking point that Saul of Tarsus did.

And yet - the tone seems somewhat caviler, as Godith notes above - as though he were not ashamed, or did not consider the project essentially a failure because of that shortcoming.

My main point was to go after the headline rather than the individual guy.