Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pretext Illustrated

By this new logo (link). Who was it that said that every heresy seeks to justify itself from Scripture? This is nothing new. The logo is cleverly worded to confuse Protestants (who will think that it means Scripture teaches Catholicism, which it does not) while corresponding to the objective of the author of that blog, namely to tack Scripture onto Catholic dogma that never came from Scripture, as S&S has been demonstrating in his on-going series at Contra Gentes (Against the Heathen) (link).

It's one thing for me to note that the "Biblical Evidence for Catholicism" or "Catholic Verses" are all imposition of the heresy of Catholicism on the Bible, and another thing to demonstrate it. Hats off to S&S for the latter.


P.S. Meanwhile, of course, most of what appears on the web site is not even pretext at Biblical apologetics, just inflammatory material like this exemplar (link).


Saint and Sinner said...

I'm trying to finish a few of the sections before posting any more. It may be a while.


Turretinfan said...

Take your time and keep the quality high. Don't get distracted by endless debates over genealogies and fables. Stay strong in the Word!