Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amstrong Predicts

"And be sure to watch how this very post is responded to. It'll be very informative, for sure. There will be mockery and more insults. It's almost like a law of the universe with these guys. We can have some fun with it in a certain "warped humor" sense, I suppose: one last bombardment from our charitable opponents, who say we are no Christians at all (but they are: and they prove it every day with their extraordinary charity towards us unregenerate heathen idolaters, likely headed for hell)." (source)


1. The truth is that we (the Reformed) have a different gospel from Rome, and ours is right.
2. Those who ignore (or mock) the gospel, do so at their own peril.
3. If it is not "charity" to warn the lost of hell, then what is "charity"?
4. Does this response match Armstrong's prediction, or does he owe me an apology?