Monday, February 18, 2008

The real Turretin on: Imputation vs. Infusion

Turretin, on the topic of whether Justification is by imputation or infusion writes:

"Unde colligitur vocem hanc esse forensem quae non est intelligenda physice de infusione justitiae sed judicialiter et relative de gratuita acceptione in judicio dei."

Turretin's Works, Edinburgh edit., vol. ii., p. 570.

Which, being interpreted is:

"Whence it may be inferred that this word (to impute) is not to be understood physically of the infusion of righteousness (or unrighteousness), but judicially and relatively regarding gratuitous acceptance in the judgment of God."




Anonymous said...

And that is the problem when one wants to be the one imputing.

We must realize the physical and the spiritual imputing have differing result.

The one cannot claim the other no matter which one is imputed for! I can have realized an imputed sentence and not be put to death, temporarily. When I die, will that imputation save me from eternal death?

Of course we should all agree, no?

When you read these earlier fathers of the Faith, you wonder what some of the current fathers are reading to come up with some of what you see and hear these days!

I say it's about time for renewal again as we have gone down some sloppy slopes of late!

Francis Turretin certainly stood His ground during his time. I am glad his work is coming to the surface in these latter days. Thanks TF for your work in bringing out his nuggets of the Truth shrouded in the Faith once delivered to the Saints!

Turretinfan said...

Dear Michael,

My pleasure! Thanks for reading!