Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Works of Francis Turretin

The Works of Francis Turretin are now freely available in the original Latin. It will be quite some time before they are fully translated into English. Nevertheless, for those that read Latin, the followings gems have been scanned into the Google Books collection:

Volume 1 (link)

Volume 2 (link)

Volume 3 (link)

Volume 4 (link)

These are, of course, the works of the real Turretin, not this modern blogger. The first three volumes are essentially Turretin's Magnus Opus (the Institutes of Elenctic Theology), which has been translated into English. The fourth volume is the one containing miscellaneous works, such as Turretin's work on the necessity of secession from the Roman church.

Praise be to God for the works of his servants, such as the real Turretin,


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