Saturday, April 26, 2008

Puritan Books

Today I happened to become aware of a website called "Puritan Books." (link to site) I like the basic concept the web site owner has, of selling .pdf versions of old/rare books. I think he may run into some difficulties, because of (a) the fact that he cannot copyright his work (all the books being in the public domain); and (b) the fact that Google Books (and, and the French national library, and the University of Michigan library) has an ever-expanding collection of books with downloadable .pdf versions.

As a caveat, I have not done business with this website. If any of my readers have, I'd love to hear about your experience.



Anonymous said...

Hello, Turretin fan (or Tur8infan). First of all, I appreciate your blog and the insights you provide.

I am responding to this Q you asked way back in 2008 on the Puritan Books site. I have done business with him.. His name is Barry and I found he had made available many works I had not found elsewhere. I've purchased three separate times from him and his response is always timely and quite personal.

This may not even be relevant to you anymore given the fact you mention Google books and the Internet Archive making many titles available, but at the time I dealt with PB it was still relatively dirt cheap. Plus the majority of his titles are searchable. So, for what it's worth.

Keep up your own extremely helpful work. You're an excellent addition to James White's blog and

Turretinfan said...