Sunday, June 29, 2008

Particular Redemption - Quotation from Reymond's Systematic Theology has provided a lengthy excerpt from Robert Reymond's A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, 2nd ed. on the subject of Ten Lines of Evidence for Particular Redemption (link to excerpt).

Reymond's Ten Lines:

1) The Particularistic Vocabulary of Scripture
2) God’s Redemptive Love Not Inclusive of Fallen Angels
3) The Irreversible Condition of Lost Men Already in Hell When Christ Died
4) The Limited Number of People, by Divine Arrangement, Who Actually Hear the Gospel
5) Christ’s High-Priestly Work Restricted to the Elect
6) The Father’s Particularistic Salvific Will and Work
7) The Death to Sin and Resurrection to Newness of Life of All Those for Whom Christ Died
8) The Implication in the Particularity of the Gift of Faith, a “Purchased” Blessing, For Christ’s Cross Work, the “Procuring” Act
9) The Intrinsic Efficacy of Christ’s Cross Work (Necessarily Exclusivistic)
10) An Atonement of High Value Necessarily Exclusive of an Atonement of Universal Extension

I encourage those who are considering the issue of Limited Atonement/ Particular Redemption to consider what Reymond has to say on the subject.



Saint and Sinner said...

I'm reading Reymond's Systematic Theology right now. It's very good, but I thought that he beat the debate over infra- vs. supralapsarianism to death! He could have spent more time exegeting Romans 5:12-19 to make "bullet-proof" the Reformed understanding of the imputation of Adam's sin. I would also liked to have seen some more depth defending sola fide, though back when he wrote it, the NPP was virtually non-existent.

Tartanarmy said...

Do you know what happened to Trey Austin? I went to his site and the only post there, is the one above.

"Stick a fork in me..I'm done."


Turretinfan said...

His older posts are accessible, if you have the URLs. I suppose his post means that he does not intend to continue using the blog.


Tartanarmy said...

Thanks..Seems strange though, as he went to his current blog from another one with intents, energy and purpose. Seems like a strange way to end a blog.

Btw, Congrats on making the team at Dr Whites blog. You are indeed honored brother.


Turretinfan said...