Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The real Turretin on: The Instrumental Use of Faith

Richard Smith at the Spurgeon Blog has an interesting post on the Instrumental Use of Faith, including a nice, but short, quotation from the real Turretin (link). Sometimes I think that it is a proper understanding of Justification by Faith that separates nominal Sola-Fideans (such as modern Arminians) from true Sola-Fideans (i.e. the Reformed).



Anonymous said...

What a powerful and important matter, sola fide!

Need I quote any justification for it after reading this following the link to it? I am tempted too, but will rigorously restrain myself and just quote what I read:

[[He takes his stand that it is instrumentally and denies that faith justifies us by itself in opposition to the Socinians, Remonstrants (Arminians), and the Romanists.]]

If that sentence does not clear things up, I don't suppose arguing those particular's "faith" positions will! :)

Tartanarmy said...
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