Sunday, November 09, 2008

Eastern Orthodox Monks (Again)

We've reported on this sort of thing before. Eastern Orthodox monks sparring with each other. Here are two reports of a clash (one clash, two reports) between Greek and Armenian monks in Jerusalem (first report - second report). Why even mention it?

a) Because people forget that there is disunity both among those who claim to hold to Sola Scriptura and those who claim to deny it;

b) Because the monks, being some of the most zealous members of their religions, are fair representatives, not merely nominal adherents;

c) Because, today, disagreements between Evangelical denominations (even if fierce) are not addressed by violence.



Anonymous said...

When I was there in that part of the old city, I came away with a sense that the "flesh" was taking over any sense of the Holy Ghost' voice.

I experienced something like that push and shove myself with "both" the Orthodox Greeks and the non Jewish vendors around that area of Jerusalem. Sadly during my visit there were two suicide bombings in other parts of Israel also.

There is going to be less and less peace there among those calling Jerusalem home as more and more vie for supremacy of the Old City and the four major religious groups vie for control of that piece of God's earth. As we should all know by now, that land is hotly contested as theirs, and they want control of it, hotly contested by the Jew, the Protestants, the Catholics and the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

What happened there is not about dogmatic disagreement-although some say there is one, but that was not the immediate cause of it-but about the divergent interpretation of the status quo of the Church of the Holy Resurrection.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem controls most of the Church, being its principal custodian. All others: Armenians, Latins etc, came there much later, that is during or after the Crusades and acquired a place in the Anastasis by bribing the various sultans.