Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mortal Sin of Not Observing Obligatory Holy Days Debate

It hasn't been (I'm not sure whether it is over yet) a formal debate, but there are a series of posts back and forth that started with my rejection of the idea that it is mortal sin not to treat Christmas as a holy day, my affirmation of Christian liberty with respect to regarding days as either alike or holy, and my condemnation of the Roman position as legalism - a sort of modern Judaizing that appoints new supposedly mandatory holy days with even less authority than the Judaizers.

Here's the index (so far - if it progresses, I'll try to udpate):

TurretinFan 1 "To the Lord, I will not be Celebrating Christ's Birth" (link)

Bellisario 1 "Why Protestantism is Theologically Dead! Christ is born! Glorify Him!" (link)

TurretinFan 2 "Bellisario and Rome vs. Paul the Apostle on Christian Liberty" (link)

Bellisario 2 "Defending Christmas- Answering the Spiritually Dead! Romans 14:6 What it really means." (link)

TurretinFan 3 "Bellisario vs. His Own Imagination on Christmas" (link)

Bellisario 3 "Roman's 14 :Holy Days and Answering the Un-identifiable One. II" (link)

TurretinFan 4 "Bellisario Swings Again" (link)

Bellisario 4 "Refuting TF once again. The Fallacy of the Apostolic Age" (link)

TurretinFan 5 "Bellisario Burying Himself in the Carcases of More Straw Men" (link)

Bellisario 5 "Turetin Fan's Crippled Minded Theology on the Apostles Part I" (link)

TurretinFan 6 "Bellisario - Authority Discussion" (link)

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