Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Indulgences are Back!

Or so says the New York Times. I guess it just goes to show how little the NYT knows about Catholicism. Although Indulgences are not supposed to be sold any more (which naturally had the effect of less promotion of their alleged importance), the use of Indulgences was never terminated.



Kelly said...

Far from me to promote the NYT as a beacon of Catholic knowledge, I think their headline, though probably made in some ignorance, more importantly notes that while the embarassment of selling indulgences has caused the Church to be rather silent about them, there seems to be somewhat of a resurgence in their employment (albeit they are not sold).

If I sound displeased that conversations are occurring about indulgences, it's because I am. Stress the need for interior conversion and leave it at that.


ps. A Catholic theologian named Hans Kung wrote an article the other day dubbed 'If Obama were Pope...' Are you going to give it any attention here?

Turretinfan said...


Hans Kung is not a "Catholic theologian" in the sense of being an official theologian for the Roman church. He was - but when one questions papal infallibility, one finds oneself stripped of one's teaching authority (as far as Rome is concerned).

Hans Kung is a great example of the lack of unity within Catholicism - but not particularly useful as far as presenting Catholicism in its present official form.