Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bellisario vs Portuguese Bishops - An Audio/Video Response

Bellisario has tried to respond to my previous post (link to Bellisario, link to my previous post). I now respond by video (just audio, but with a mostly unrelated slideshow on top of it). This video discusses the fact that Catholicism cannot provide unity on issues like contraception. We sometimes hear claims that Catholicism's magisterium is needed to provide doctrinal and moral unity and certainty, but the facts belie this erroneous conclusion. The organizational unity of Rome may lead to doctrinal unity on some issues, but it does not on the contraception issue: one of the pet issues in Romanist apologetics today.




Kelly said...

I presented anonymously before (accidently) but if any of your readers are interested in a Catholic response to Bellisario's claim that the Church's teaching on contraception is infallible, they might want to check out my blog. Also I think we need to remember that to Catholics, even if something is not considered infallible, that doesn't mean that to Catholics the Church hasn't spoken authorotatively on the subject...

Turretinfan said...

Yes - I've linked to your post a couple of times. There is an interesting distinction in Catholicism between "the Church" speaking with authority and "the Church" speaking with infallible authority.