Thursday, April 09, 2009

From the Bunkers Beneath Liberty University - Limited Atonement and the Free Offer

As you may be aware, there is a secret Calvinist production studio hidden deep below Liberty University, where no one would think to look. From that production studio, one of our volunteers has presented a selection from John Murray on the doctrine of Limited Atonement and its interaction with the Free Offer of the Gospel. Sorry for the Ninja gear, but identities must be protected.

(Direct link to video)



Jeff said...

I'm sure you probably know about this debate:

But just in case you hadn't seen it, I'm passing it along.

It would be very helpful to see how you might respond to each question/answer/objection of Pastor Stuart Wood when the debate is through (but only if you feel it appropriate to respond).

Maybe Frank Turk will do a post-debate wrapup in which he is able to dig in a little deeper to the topic.

But if not, maybe you'd be interested in that.

Unless I'm missing something, I do not see much/any substance to the arguments he raises for universal atonement.

Thanks for your hard work!

Black Sheep said...

Stealth Calvinists! :o)

This site is full of good and interesting things, I will add it to my favourites.

thank you TF

Turretinfan said...

Normally, Frank does not do a wrap-up. I agree, though, that it might be interesting to take on the questions posed by the universalist (advocate for universal atonement).