Monday, June 29, 2009

Important Clarification

No: I am not Frank Turk. This is Frank Turk.
He's a famous blogger. I'm just a blogger.
No: I am not Frank Turek. This is Frank Turek.
He's a reputable person; published author. I'm just a blogger.
No: I am not Francis Turretin (read about his life here).
He's a famous theologian. I'm just a blogger and a fan of his.



Matthew said...

No: I am not TurretinFan (his blog:
He's a blogger and Reformed Apologist. I'm just a channel rat and a fan of his.


Let Us Repent and Believe said...

Are you a retired CIA operative? I just felt the need to ask.

James Swan said...

This post reminded me of a Talking Heads song, but you're probably too sanctified to know what I mean. Same as it ever was...

Anonymous said...


so, are you saying it is all going to pan out in the end?

And, thanks for the clarification, not!


Let Us, here's a hint:::> "check your spyware!"