Friday, June 12, 2009

The real Turretin on: Degree of Sanctification

Phil Siefkes at Pastor's Perspective provides a quotation from the real Turretin answering the question: Is sanctification so perfect in this life that believers can fulfill the law absolutely? (link) The short answer, of course, is no - but Turretin explains it well.


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Anonymous said...

Those points of Bro. Turrentin are so succinct they come across powerfully!

I developed a whole comment yesterday on them after posting a comment on another article before, hopefully to be published? But rereading Turrentin again this morning, I must say, these words are so much clearer than the deeper things in his Institutes!

On a scale of one to ten, he rates higher in my opinion knowing full well he too is just a wretched sinner deserving both temporal and eternal punishments!

I am glad to know him. I had only a dribble of bits and pieces of him until coming to this blog where he is the major focus of most if not all your intent!