Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Non-English Reformation-Era Bibles - Index Page

The Reformation in the British isles was quite remarkable. In fact, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that other nations and tongues in Europe also experienced the Reformation. That said, I thought I'd try to track down some Reformation-era Bibles in other languages than English and provide those to the interested reader.

Olivetan (French) (Google Books - 1616 Printing)

Diodati (Italian) (Google Books - 1877 printing)(New Testament - 1665 Printing)

Reina (Spanish)

Luther's Bible of 1545 (German) (Modern Letter Version)

Dutch Authorized Version - 1637

- TurretinFan


Godismyjudge said...

I seem to recall Beza did some work on the NT in Latin. Know anything about it?

God be with you,

Esmay said...

Not a especially useful comment, but...

I have the 1545 Luther Bible on my computer with a number of other German Bibles, which is really cool but my German, well... it needs a lot of work. Anyway, I was staying with some friends who have a European exchange student whose native language is German so I pulled up half a dozen of those translations on a section of Scripture that I'm familiar with (John 1:1-3) and asked him which one is the easiest to understand and if he could translate it into the English for me.
He was very gracious and said he found the Luther Bible to be the easiest to read, although it is written in what he referred to as "High English", which I imagine is rather like reading the Geneva or King James. Surprisingly his translation was very good, and the experience sparked some good conversations as well, especially since it was then that I discovered he is a Muslim.

Turretinfan said...


I don't specifically recall his Latin work on the NT. He provided a printed Greek NT.


Godismyjudge said...

Hi TF,

Here it is:

God be with you,

Turretinfan said...

Here's a link: Beza's Latin Translation