Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thanks to My Facebook Fans

My friend Matthew Lankford who runs the unofficial fan page for me on facebook has informed me that there are 500 fans (i.e. over 500 people "liked" it). I'm amazed by and appreciative of the interest. Please pray that God will use that page (which, as I understand, aggregates my posts from my various blogs and so forth) to the edification of the brethren and the conversion of many of our lost neighbors across the world. (link to page)


Matt said...

dude, you rock on FB just as hard as on blogger and you don't even know it! :D

We're much appreciative of Matthew's efforts to keep us FBO's (Facebook Onlyist's) well informed.

Kind regards,

Turretinfan said...


Turretinfan said...

And thanks the for the compliment!

Kurt K said...


You have many edifying things to say which glorify the triune God.

Keep it up.