Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ISI Today

Lord willing, I will be appearing on Chris Arnzen's radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron, from 7-8 pm EST (4-5 pm PST). The topic will be the Formal Sufficiency of Scriptures. The show can be heard over the air in Long Island and Connecticut, and can be heard via live streaming anywhere there is Internet ( & It is a call-in show, so feel free to call in at (631) 888-8811. This is a topic that divides Rome from the Reformed Churches, so calls from Roman Catholics are especially welcome.


Anonymous said...

Great! Look forward to listening to it!

ChaferDTS said...

I hope they will have it recorded and placed in a link right away so I can listen to it later tonight at 11pm eastern standard time when I get back. I look forward to hearing it.:)