Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogger Criticism of the Pope

Some people are unhappy because a well-known name in the Roman Catholic apologetics community has taken to criticize two popes. That's just not something one does, apparently. I'm yet to see any rule in the Code of Canon Law against criticizing popes, but who knows - perhaps I missed something.

If you want to see a real celebrity culture: there it is. If Carl Trueman (or anyone else) thinks that the Evangelical world has celebrities, he need to take a look at what happens when a Roman Catholic blogger suggests that it might possibly be a bad thing for John Paul II to kiss the Koran.

Suggest that Benedict XVI might have been influenced by the liberal tendencies of his late buddy Rahner - and look out!

Popes are fallible and peccable in theory, but in the practice of the blogosphere ...

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