Friday, November 04, 2011

Reviewing Roger Olson's "Against Calvinism"

Dr. James White reviewed Roger's Olson's "Against Calvinism" on the November 3, 2011, Dividing Line.  Meanwhile, independently Paul Manata has prepared a detailed written review.

I think both reviewers would agree with the following from Manata:
In any event, Olson's book leaves much to be desired. It isn't anything like a "case" against Calvinism. Rather, it's more of a constantly repetitious list of unargued for complaints. There is weak theological argumentation, zero exegesis, unfamiliarity with critical issues discussed, and one self-excepting fallacy after another. 
The two reviews make many of the same points, but ultimately the problem is that Olson demonstrates a lack of serious engagement with the subject matter.


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Jon said...

Do you think that Olson's Arminianism and his coming out as a "Post-Conservative" are related? In other words, did his commitment to libertarian free will set him on a trajectory towards liberalism?

He is also very sympathetic towards Rob Bell and open theists. What they all seem to have in common is an undying worship of human autonomy.