Friday, December 02, 2011

Abuse of Power in a Broken Home

I read with sorrow the report of a four-year-old boy who was beaten to death.  It's sad because it is a small boy.  It's sad because it happened to be the boy's birthday.  It's sad because the mother of this child is apparently also going to be charged with a crime of concealing a homicide.

It is also sad because there is no mention of the boy's father.  Where was the boy's father?  The man who beat this child to death was the woman's "boyfriend," not her husband.  He's never described as the boy's father, and - in fact - one might think that the boy did not have a father.

Granted that the man who beat this child is portrayed as being "anti-social."  Still, would he have done this if he knew he would answer to the boy's father?  Bullies tend to be less eager to beat up on those 1/10th their size when they have to deal with someone their own size.

In fact, if the woman were with a husband, would this boyfriend even have been in the home?

Who knows what happened to the boy's father - why he was not in the picture.  My purpose in writing this is not to point the finger of blame at anyone other than the murderer.  It is only the murderer's fault, and the murderer should be executed.

This post, however, is a word of encouragement to fathers of children to stay with their wives - to stay involved in the lives of their children.  It is also a word of encouragement to women not to have children out of wedlock, and not to leave their husbands.  This sort of tragedy appears avoidable.

Let us not simply mourn the death of the boy, but let us learn from this tragedy.  Let us strive to follow the familial pattern laid out in Scripture.  Wait for marriage to have children, and then don't break up the marriage.  In this way, you will be there to protect your children.

God's law is good.



Lee said...

What a day it will be when the hearts of the fathers turn to their sons and the sons to their fathers.

The humanists have destroyed the family, only an act of God will bring it back. We need family reformation desperately. Lord have mercy on us and bring us a reformation!

Joy Smith said...

You can encourage and speak this truth but it seems most of the time no one listens or takes it to heart. In the end, it is the work of the Holy Spirit that will open these truths to people.

Vicki said...

This made me cry TurretinFan-but you have very wise words to give in this-as a woman and a mother I thank you.

Eric Hettinger jr said...

This shows wonderful insight and compassion, thank you for posting this.

Joy Smith said...

Thank you.