Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Message from the Head of the Church of England

I set aside my views of patriarchy and the appropriate relation of church and state to praise the evangelical tone of this message from one of the last outspoken Christian monarchs.

Long live her royal majesty, Queen Elizabeth II!



Ken said...

By itself ; it was ok, positive, and had some Evangelical elements at the end. It was a bare minimum kind of message about sin and the need for a savior.

Did the church of England apostatize ? - since they allow women pastors and homosexuals as pastors/priests/equivalent of elder?

Didn't Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury teach those things?

Does R. Williams believe in Inerrancy?

Did RW imply or say that Sharia law was ok for England?

Aren't those some of the reasons why J. I. Packer left that branch of the church of England and is now under one of the African communions of Anglicans?

Doesn't the video, which has a nativity scene and a baby doll Jesus qualify for giving tacit approval for an idol? ( I personally have no problem with that, as we don't worship it; but your stance on images is so strong, it seems hard to overlook that aspect of this video.) (smile, I love you brother - just food for thought).

Godith said...

For a monarch to quote from Scripture is great. Obama gave a Thanksgiving message without once mentioning God!!

A. Brother said...

Amen and amen. To stand as Queen of the Commonwealth, and to declare such a position of firm reliance upon the Savior, Christ the Lord, is to invite criticism and opposition from every quarter. I applaud Queen Elizabeth, no matter that she is Queen. She is a woman who has shown courage in doing this, and I pray we will all find courage today to declare the same to those around us. Blessings on all who declare the sufficiency of Christ today.

turretinfan said...

There's a lot I set aside to praise something good, Ken. But to answer your questions:
a) There's a lot wrong with the Church of England. While her Majesty's message was right, her Majesty's church has a lot of problems - not the least of which is the fact that it has a merely human head.
b) I am no expert in the teachings of the present Archbishop of Canterbury. Endorsement of the Queen's evangelical message is not an endorsement of any whacky thing any of her bishops or archbishops have taught or implied.
c) I don't recall Packer's stated reasons. However, he left the Anglican Church of Canada and joined the "Southern Cone" church, which is primarily a South American group. I don't know what either of those church's relation to her Highness.
d) My posting of the video is not an endorsement of the Queen's use of purported images of Christ, if she is even aware of their presence.

Matt Evans said...

@Ken Given that this is filtered through the British Government who change it to make it 'acceptable', the fact she was able to speak of such things is truly marvellous. I was thinking whilst watching it with my family how many brothers' prayers must be being answered right now.

A quick response to what else you mentioned, CoE doesn't allow homosexuals in the episcopate (we'll have to wait until the women bishops fiasco is over to see that one pan out), nor women 'bishops' yet. They are set to allow women bishops, they're just arguing about how to deal with those awkward evangelicals who persist in disagreement. The important things in Christian life, you know.

Hopefully, the CoE will heed the Queen's message and actually start believing it. Williams will do his best to prevent that from happening though - he'd lose his job.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

"I set aside my views of patriarchy"