Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rhology Islamic Dialog / Debate

My friend Rhology engaged in a three part dialog with an imam, which is recorded. Interestingly, the imam suggested that Islam does not permit "debate," as such (mentioned near the beginning of the first part). I thought Rhology did a good job of highlighting some of the important issues. It was relatively low key and calm.

Part 1/3 -
Part 2/3 - (if you have a Mac: )
Part 3/3 -


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Rhology said...

Yeah, I don't know why he said that Muslims are not permitted to debate with people of the Book. Seems like Mohammed did a fair amount of that in the Qur'an.
I think the imam's memory failed him a bit in that - he said that I proposed a debate and he demurred, preferring a dialogue. In reality, I had originally proposed a dialogue and then when we were meeting together face to face to hash out the details of the event, I asked him if he would prefer to debate rather than dialogue, and he assured me that he would much rather dialogue; indeed, that he was more or less unwilling to engage in a debate.
Fair enough, said I, let's dialogue.

But he's a busy guy and I am a nobody. I am grateful that he decided to participate and show up.

I did find numerous of his statements to be problematic, of course, but in the time allotted and in the format for the event I was of course unable to deal with everything. I just tried to focus on what I thought were the most important issues, and to proclaim the glorious Gospel numerous times from numerous angles. Praise be to God that I believe I was able to do that.

Thanks for the post!