Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five Solas Bacon

Five Solas Bacon | the delicious second course | to TULIP bacon
By grace alone saved | All that justifies is faith | Canon suffices
Only Christ's Merit | None but God glory receives | (five tasty solas)

Long version:

By grace alone saved | not by merits of our own | only by mercy

A sinner made just | justified by faith in Christ | justice imputed

Canon suffices | clearly shows what is needed | Word of God alone

Only Christ's merit | not from our fellow sinners | one sole redeemer

None glory but God | All glory to our one Rock | Our foundation stone



Canonymous said...

DefCon blog has a different take on this! Lol

Mdechristi said...

Where is any of that in Scripture?


De Maria

turretinfan said...

De Maria,

Those aren't quotations from Scripture, but I'm surprised if you've carefully read the New Testament and not seen those things.


ChaferDTS said...

TF you are right. The five Solas are very much found in Scripture !